DC Plus Incentives

DC Plus service is backed by financial incentives that make energy-saving improvements more cost-effective. These include free services provided by the expert program team and actual paid incentives based on the projected energy savings of the improvements you choose.

  • Free custom on-site assessment. Our energy experts will walk through your facility and collect the data necessary to understand your optimization opportunities. We will talk with you and your staff to understand your mission-critical directives and your ability to make changes in the data center.
  • Implementation incentives. After improvements are implemented, we will verify the work and pay you according to the energy you are projected to save, at a rate ranging from $0.08 to $0.15 per kWh and $150 per kW, up to 50% of project cost.
  • Expert project assistance. Our staff will be with you at every step of your project, from assessment, to bid collection, to helping you fill out and file all the required paperwork.