First, we need to determine your eligibility. Your data center must be in the PG&E service area and less than 30,000 sq. ft. or 500 kW IT load. DC Plus is ideally suited for data centers:

  • Inside commercial, institutional, or industrial buildings/campuses
  • Experiencing known temperature or performance issues
  • Using a higher than average amount of energy
  • Without significant facilities or IT changes underway (or planned soon)
  • With a committed champion who can carry the DC Plus project through to completion
  • With available budget to complete the DC Plus project this year

We can determine your eligibility with a simple no-cost phone screening.

Project Process

The project process is straightforward, with a typical project taking anywhere from three to nine months from start to finish:

  1. No-Cost Data Center Assessment – We visit your data center and conduct a free 4 to 8 hour non-invasive assessment in order to understand and document the current conditions of airflow and temperature distribution. We’ll talk with key data center staff to understand your systems’ constraints and realistic opportunities.

    We’ll need you to:

    • Complete sign an Access Agreement.
    • Provide physical data center access to DC Plus staff. Also, please be available to answer questions about your data center – our expert assessment requires understanding of your issues and challenges with your data center’s HVAC performance.
  2. Assessment Report – Following the assessment, we’ll prepare a report detailing our findings and recommendations for energy-saving improvements to consider. The Assessment Report will also include opportunities or best practices not covered by DC Plus, such as IT and power equipment efficiency.

  3. Implementation Planning – We meet with you to review the recommendations and devise a specific plan of action to implement the improvements in a way that suits your specific data center’s operational and business needs.

    We’ll need you to:  Select and implement a package of energy-savings recommendations that suit your goals, needs, and budget.

  4. Implementation – We will support you throughout the process, answering questions, facilitating project progress, and checking in regularly to make sure everything stays on track.

    We’ll need you to:  Be available for periodic check-ins throughout implementation. We want to know how it’s going and how we can help you address any issues that come up.

  5. Verification, Training, and Final Project Report – When implementation is complete, you’ll receive a follow-up verification service package, which includes on-site verification of project work and a review of all project documentation. You’ll also receive a Final Project Report, covering the final energy savings, cost savings, and incentive amounts.Together, we’ll sign off on the project and you’ll receive your implementation incentives.

    We’ll need you to:  Provide access to DC Plus staff once recommendations have been implemented.

Funding: California consumers are not obligated to purchase any full-fee service or other service not funded by this Program. This Program is funded by California utility ratepayers under the auspices of the CPUC.